(part 2)

My raccoon friend is looking down to see his territory!

I too am spending time looking over territory, the history of the Old Testament.

Looking at the saints of old – Noah, Abraham and Isaac. My questions? The Bible mentions 15 cubic feet, what is 15 cubic feet? Is that daily? Google brings up Bible Hub reference (always reference to a sight you trust for Biblical truth) “…the total quantity would be about 100 feet. Such a rain would denude the mountains of all soil, uproot all trees, sweep away all buildings, dig out new courses for the rivers, completely alter the whole surface of the ground, and cover the lower lands with debris. Wherever there was any obstacle in their way, the waters would deepen in volume, and quickly burst a passage through it.”


God has given us a sign for his promise not to flood the whole earth again with the rainbow. As I think about that though…Wow! God has made a covenant with me not to destroy the whole earth again by water. God made this generation a covenant… we ponder the depth of that. The God of the universe made a covenant with us! The rainbow will never be “pretty” again. The next time I see a rainbow…I will stop to remember he is speaking directly to me.