I invite you to travel with me as we go back in time. 

As I read one Old Testament book at a time,

please join me in reading/listening to the scriptures in this series ‘Bible Alive’. 

Before we begin this journey together – I will let you in on a little secret! There is a GREAT CD series out there. This series does not replace my personal Bible time but when it comes to reading the complete Bible it has brought real life to the over all experience.  If you can read through the Bible in a timely manner, my hat goes off to you. When I am asked “Which way is best to read the whole Bible?” my answer is “In any way that you will actually do it.”  I would rather hear the Bible three times a year in completion than maybe reading the whole Bible once a year or never.

Let’s Begin:

I love questions that I can not answer without great thought and research. Today I covered 1656 years of the world’s history. The basic story of creation is interesting but the depth of creation is fascinating.

  1.  How many children did Eve have in her early years, since Cain was marked by God, in order that no one would kill him?
  2. Where did the people who became his threat come from?
  3. Enoch did not die but was carried off by God himself, why?
  4. Why did God start creation at the point he did, why not sooner since he himself is eternal? Psalm 90:2

The most fascinating thought to me, is the garden; how perfect it had to have been to hold the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ (Genesis 2:17) and the ‘Tree of Life’. God’s own person and *Deity was present in that garden the whole day through these two trees, as well as his visits daily.

*Omnipotence (all powerful), *Omniscience (all knowing), *Omnipresence (all present).

Let your mind wonder with all the questions. Then find the answers – this is where the Bible comes ALIVE.

More on the series “Bible Alive’ in the weeks to come -please join me again.