Many people would describe me as a talented person with an imagination to match.  I usually can figure out a solution to most things concerning landscaping, art, gardening, interior decorating, hosting a party and always changing things up.  I have discovered there is one area where I am not so talented. With all my good intentions and 'Want to be' efforts, I just can not seem to pull it off.  That topic would be 'Baking'.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook and bake. But ask me to come up with a recipe from scratch - forget it! The recipes I am sharing with you are not likely my own creations. With that said, I can testify that they have been tested and approved! You will always find the source of the recipe posted within the content.  I read an article posted in Artful Blogging magazine where a lady in her interview said, "..there is plenty of room on the internet...'  This statement really made an impact on me. We are here to encourage one another. Encouraging one another on to success. I am happy to share those posts with you.

Brown Sugar Pork ChopsEdyta Czaplicka Hannas from New York shares her recipe on cooking pork chops. All I can say is "they were wonderful". I usually do not serve pork. I had a package in my freezer so I decided to try her recipe. They were wonderful! My pork-chops were cut thin so they cooked a little too fast for this recipe. Next time I would definitely purchase thicker portions. Yes, there will be a next time.


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