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Caterpillar Gets Its Wings

The Heart
Caterpillar Gets Its Wings

I believe the reason we connect to individuals

is often because of the roads we have traveled or are travelling.

Different Seasons Offer Different Roads

 One of My Roads


Let me set the scene for you:


Life was great. I was building a successful business as a Health Coach. Not only had I lost 100 pounds, I was a certified exercise instructor, I was teaching local classes, blogging and now being recognized as a speaker. I loved my life!

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As if in a ‘Blink Of An Eye’ .. life changed for me.



I woke up one day thinking all was normal. But life that day would not turn out normal. A rod from previous surgeries had readjusted itself in my foot and was now working its way through the bottom of my foot, which in return would leave me with another area of concern, blood poisoning.


I was put into a wheel chair as I waited for the third surgery to take place. With two malpractice surgeries behind me I was not facing this third surgery with a lot of promise. My family doctor had made it very clear that I would never teach exercise classes again. From that point on my life would never be the same. I was in a wheel chair for just under six months this time. (The wheel chair and I had become acquainted from my past surgeries). In these difficult months I lost my business, all my friends had deserted me, no phone calls, no neighbors offering to assist me. I was now alone. (My husband was there every step of the way. Doing his best to meet all my physical and emotional needs. But he had to work all day and pick up the slack for the caring of my mother who lives down the road. Bless his heart, I know he was exhausted but never complained once to me). Loneliness and bitterness were now becoming my best friend. At one point I told the Lord “I am ashamed to say this, but you know my heart already. Lord I do not find you to be enough”. (It still brings tears to my eyes, even today to repeat that phrase). But even with that God saw me, and met my need. The next day a lady who I did not know at the time, knocked on my door. I wheeled over to answer the door, she introduced herself and said “I was walking the beach and God told me to come to your house and be your friend”. We spend the whole day together. She took me for a long walk by the lake, she sat on my porch and listened as I was able to finally carry on a conversation with someone. What a perfect day! That evening as I pondered on the days events, I became very emotional. Not because I had a new friend but because God heard my cry and answered me. Today I still refer to that lady as my angel.


A Gift From My Angel, MaryAnn



A long story short: After two years of walking through the process of replacing bitterness, finding direction and waiting for God’s final answer to my health recovery I am happy to say: No, I did not have to have my foot amputated as expected. I am able to walk again. I have new friends in my life, a new career (to include mentoring people through my “Five Step”  program) and best of all I love my life again.


So, you see I am that Caterpillar who God has made into a Butterfly.


When people ask me what do you do for a living?  My response is…

“I help people find happiness and freedom through biblical truth.

I am like a step stool, helping you to climb the few levels needed to attain your goal.”

(I am now mentoring locally and will be offering this service

through social media in August).


Please follow me on Facebook for notices on future activities.


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Welcome to the place that I refer to as my "Secret Garden". That place is my heart, where I share who I am. Gardener, Landscaper, Card Maker, Nature Lover - are just a few of my loves. My new adventure that I am about to embark on is "Homesteading". I see chickens in my future. But my ultimate love is Encouraging Others with the Love of Christ and I do that by sharing my experiences in hopes that you know you are not alone. The Areas I have had the privilege of serving in: President of Okinawa, Japan International Women's Club, Speaker, Author, Bible Teacher, Personal Mentor.

Welcome to the place I refer to as my 'Secret Garden' that place where the real me is revealed. What you will discover is that I love God, almost everything I do is centered around that relationship. I love helping others to find that relationship as well. I also love Vintage everything, landscaping, gardening, paper crafting and urban homesteading. -Valerie
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