(part three)

Some find the genealogy of the scriptures to be boring. I use to but the more I know about the Bible history the more genealogy becomes interesting, seeing how each person plays a part of the complete history of scripture. Example: Ham receives a curse from his father Noah, later we see that Abraham is given the land of the Canaanites. Who is the father of this land? Ham’s son/ Noah’s grandson is the father of this land. Leaving me to believe the grandson was the bearer of the curse.

(Leaving me with a question: Will my choices effect my grandchildren?)

Today I am reading Genesis from the Bible, I have read this book before but with each reading the Bible becomes more Alive.



Some people would see this bulb as empty but I see it as having great potential.

I love the history of the Tower of Babel and how the many languages today came about. This one event in history offered us the opportunity to be used for the Glory of God. We lived ten years in Japan. My husband learned and spoke the language for his job. We were able to use this ability to share the gospel to the native people, who became very dear friends to us. Seeing how God brought about the different languages and groups of people in the history of scripture has played a special place in our lives. Things that happened in the Old Testament has provided opened doors with great potential.

Continuing on…
As I finish Genesis I am in Awe over God’s character. Abraham and his seed lied, stole, fell short of God’s standard over and over – just like me. Yet God blessed over and over again. God went ahead of his people constantly. As I read the Old Testament I find myself pondering every word and action. I love the New Testament for showing me Christ. I love the Old Testament for showing me God’s character. Seeing God as Just, Loving and His Anger truly helps me in the process of understanding of His Deity.

(webster: DEITY – divine status, quality, or nature, the creator and supreme being)


Don’t be afraid to venture into the Bible, it is Alive and speaks to us today. Please join me as I will be posting weekly, as I read through the Bible