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The Phone is Ringing

I often say to my husband “I live in the wrong Era”.  

I love 1920 – 1960  time frame,  I love wearing vintage clothing, I love antiques, I love old hair styles, I am fascinated with it all.


But reality is, I live in the 21st century and in a world of high technology.

Each Era brings its own unique problems and dilemmas to overcome.


Technology is one of them and how it has changed the way people communicate or as may be the case, how people do not communicate. I am on the computer most of the day, I am not a big fan of television, nor do I live by my phone. My husband works long hours, has to live by his phone because of his work,  but he enjoys using it too.  He enjoys the sound of television in the background while he is on his computer and having his phone next to him.  I would say in the area of technology – we don’t have much in common.

We came up with only one solution so far to give our relationship balance. Tuesday night has become our night of  ‘No Technology’, which includes all of the above. We have enjoyed this time. It allows us to use our imagination to fill our time together.


I do not have all the answers for balancing our relationship in the constant pull that technology brings.  But it is important to come up with some kind of plan that you both agree upon.


Would love to hear what works for you!

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Welcome to the place that I refer to as my "Secret Garden". That place is my heart, where I share who I am. Gardener, Landscaper, Card Maker, Nature Lover - are just a few of my loves. My new adventure that I am about to embark on is "Homesteading". I see chickens in my future. But my ultimate love is Encouraging Others with the Love of Christ and I do that by sharing my experiences in hopes that you know you are not alone. The Areas I have had the privilege of serving in: President of Okinawa, Japan International Women's Club, Speaker, Author, Bible Teacher, Personal Mentor.

Welcome to the place I refer to as my 'Secret Garden' that place where the real me is revealed. What you will discover is that I love God, almost everything I do is centered around that relationship. I love helping others to find that relationship as well. I also love Vintage everything, landscaping, gardening, paper crafting and urban homesteading. -Valerie
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